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“You are about to be part of the SpaceWalker team. Let’s explore the multiple dimensions yet to be known, obtain the knowledge and power of the cosmos and save the universe!”

The universe is beautiful yet mysterious, containing abundant knowledge to explore.
is dedicated to creating the best experience of discovery for space lovers, allowing them to immerse in the beauty of the universe while unveiling the mystery.

Early Access is 100% free. Every user feedback will be incorporated into the future update. More content and enhanced experience will be released in the   such as Comet Explorer, Space Debris…etc.

SpaceWalker has been providing Magic VR Bus, a nonprofit project in Taiwan, with its content. The objective is to enable children and teenagers in remote areas to learn astronomy with the help of VR. Over 3500 children and teenagers have experienced SpaceWalker since the project launched more than 1 year ago. The project is still ongoing currently.



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