[Update v2.4.1337] SteamVR Beta Interaction Issue Fix (AGAIN 🙂 )


[Rollback v2.4.1328] Sorry, some cursor issues happened in v2.4.1333. We have to rollback to the previous build


[Update v2.4.1295] Multiple CustomApps, CustomApp QuickSwitch and more!


[Join the BETA] v2.3.1194 – Multiple CustomApps, Channel Switch for CustomApp and more!



[Update v2.3.1142] Better keyboard position and a way to disable the gesture

10 Jun @ 1:54pm – trend_xrlab
This update added two new features.
  • Better keyboard position
  • A way to disable the mode-changed gesture
Better keyboard position

for improving keyboard experience, we’ve made some position adjustment. By different attached target of overlays (world, controller, headset), it will show at different positions.

A way to disable the mode-changed gesture

Many users mentioned that it’s annoying for triggering mode change when they are waving their hands on VRChat. Now you have a way to disable the mode-changed gesture. Just hide the main panel or hide the DailyVR logo, then you disable the mode-changed gesture functionality.

Next release will be a significant update. We are looking forward to it!


[Update v2.2.1124] Mode change on the tool bar. Overlay FPS adjustement.

27 May @ 2:09pm – trend_xrlab This update added two new features.


  • Mode change on the overlay toolbar
  • Overlay FPS adjustment

Mode change on the overlay toolbar


Thanks for the user’s feedback. Now you can directly change modes on the toolbar. It’s more convenient than before. Especially you want to open the keyboard to input some text.
The more convenient thing is that you can directly open the keyboard without enabling “Input Mode” (You have to switch to “Input Mode” first for opening keyboard in the old version)

We also adjusted the position of the keyboard. Now it is better for input when you attached an overlay on the controller.

We will keep working on the user experience of the keyboard.

Overlay FPS adjustment

Thanks for the user’s feedback! You can adjust overlay FPS now for saving some performance.


Note: When we were implementing this feature, we found some FPS performance issue in “CustomApp.” You may find that the FPS number of “CustomApp” may not be very high. It’s a known issue, and we are working on performance improvement against it.


[Update v2.2.1098] Hotfix for Logo show/hide feature


14 May @ 11:34am – trend_xrlab

We’ve fixed the issue happened on update v2.2.1096.

[Bug fixed]

* Logo show/hide doesn’t work when DailyVR launches without enabled controllers.
* Fixed the digital signature issue of DaillyVR.exe

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

[Update v2.2.1096] Performance improvement and HMD binding

10 May @ 5:24pm – trend_xrlab

Sorry, we found an issue in this update. If you start SteamVR without turning on the controllers, the DailyVR Logo show/hidden feature does not work. Now the workaround will be turning on the controllers first and then run DailyVR or re-run DailyVR if the feature doesn’t work. We will fix it ASAP.
Have you felt the not so good performance of DailyVR?
We’ve fixed it!

Before: (Look carefully at the DailyVR icon on the controller.)

After: (Look carefully at the DailyVR icon on the controller.)

And one more thing is:
DailyVR now supports binding to the HMD!


[New feature]

  • Binding overlay to the headset.

[Bug fixed]

  • Bad performance of overlay binding
  • Bad performance when you are using input on overlay
  • [WMR] DailyVR main panel flashes when controllers don’t turn on.
  • [WMR] DailyVR main panel disappears when the detection of controllers is not stable.

We heard your feedback. We are working on “Multiple CustomApp”, “Channel switch for CustomApp” and keyboard improvement.

Join DailyVR Discord and share your feedback with us!
Here is Discord invitation link: DailyVR Discord[]

[Update v2.0.1072] Minor update for bug fixes

3 May @ 6:29pm – trend_xrlab

Hi all,

We have a minor update for bug fixes.

We have a minor update for bug fixes.

[Bug fixed]* Ghost clicking on overlay backside issue.

We are preparing the next update for performance issues.

We greatly appreciate all of the feedback from our customers.

It hleps us to make our product better.

[Bug fixed]* Ghost clicking on overlay backside issue.

We are preparing the next update for the performance issue.

We are much appreciated for all of our customers to give us feedback.
It makes our product become better.

[Breaking news] We’ve passed the Google Play review!

25 Apr @ 6:32pm – trend_xrlab

Hi all,

Great news! We’ve passed the review after the workaround news posted.

You don’t need to install the local build. You can download it from Google Play directly.

Just search “DailyVR” on Google Play.

If you’ve installed the local build, please uninstall it first!

Thank you for your patience.



[FIXED] [Temporary Workaround] DailyVR for Android cannot notify phone call and SMS


25 Apr @ 11:58am – trend_xrlab

(Updated: Good news! We’ve passed the review after the workaround news posted.
You don’t need to install the local build. You can download it from google play directly. )

Hi DailyVR users,

First of all, we would like to apologize for this issue. If you’ve used our DailyVR for android recently, then you’ve probably noticed that you cannot receive any phone calls or SMS notifications. Here we would like to discuss about the reason, provide a workaround and describe what we will do next.

Why has this happened?  The main reason is that Google has changed their permission policy and they don’t accept that our SMS functions are “core functionality.”   We’ve tried several times to fit their system, but our attempts have always rejected.


As a short term work-around, we’ve decided to allow our users to download and install the APK directly.

You should uninstall the Google Play version first, then install the downloaded APK.  The phone call and SMS notifications are working fine in the local build.


1.       Download the local build

2.       Uninstall the Google Play build

3.       Install the downloaded build

Here is the download link
download the local build []


If we pass the Google Play review in the future, you should uninstall the local build before installing the Google Play version again.

What will we do next?  We are attempting to use other mechanisms to get SMS notifications working.  We believe that this method will enable us to pass the review successfully.

In the meantime, if you would like access to the full functionality of dailyVR for Android, please download and install the local build.

We will fix this problem as soon as possible. Please continue to support us.

[更新 v2.0.1058] OuclusとWindows MRをサポートし、好きなようにDailyVRアイコンを表示/非表示する!

24 Apr @ 5:54pm – trend_xrlab

  • Oculus & Windows MR をサポートする(SteamVRで)
  • Vive & Windows MR 向けの新しいコントローラ設定
  • DailyVRアイコンを表示/非表示する!

あなたはOculus 又は Windows Mixed Realityのユーザーですか。


今は最新のOculus と Windows MRのサポートを提供します。
(注意: 技術的な制限により、DailyVRはSteamVRだけを介して Oculus と Windows MRをサポートする。つまり、 DailyVR はOculus SDKからのゲームをサポートしません。)

Oculus Touch 向けて、直感的な入力モード



VIve と Windows MRには、 もっと多くの入力選択





メニューボタン((Vive/Windows MR))又はY/B (Oculus Touch)を長押して、アイコンのフェードイン/アウトを感じます。



[Update v2.0.1058] Support Ouclus and Windows MR!

19 Apr @ 10:53pm – trend_xrlab

  • Support Oculus & Windows MR (through SteamVR)
  • New controller settings for Vive & Windows MR
  • Show/Hide DailyVR icon

Are you a user of Oculus or Windows Mixed Reality?

Come and join us
for this party!

New!  Support for Oculus and Windows MR with perfect UX!

Note:  due to technical limitations,  DailyVR only supports Oculus and Windows MR via SteamVR. In other words, DailyVR does not support Oculus games at this time.

Intuitive input mode for Oculus Touch
Slightly sweeping the rocker to adjust size/transparency in Layout mode

Treat your Trigger(Mouse L button) and Grid button(R button) as your mouse in input mode


More flexible input choices for VIve and Windows MR
Based on user feedback, we’ve added another mouse button configuration to make it easier to play VRChat or others.



Show/hide the DailyVR icon is supported in this release!
Feel free to show or hide DailyVR icon as you like! We’ve got your back!


Long press the Menu button (Vive/Windows MR) or Y/B (Oculus Touch) to see the icon fade in or out as a little magic~



We hope this update will make you more satisfied and we will continue to implement more awesome features!