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Daily OVR 2.x User Manual


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About Browser

For people who have blank browser screen, we provide a workaround. Please see the video:

To avoid certain software restriction issues, we recommend opening Firefox before starting Daily OVR.

We recommend adding a shortcut to a frequently used site to your Desktop, using the argument:  –disable-direct-composition.  Start Chrome with this shortcut, before starting Daily OVR, to avoid Chrome’s hardware acceleration issues.

We recommend that you use Firefox with Daily OVR.


  1. When you close Daily OVR, it may CLOSE your web browser.  Therefore, we recommend that you save your browsing history before exiting Daily OVR.
  1. If you are a Chrome user and you’re having difficulties opening windows in VR, please see the Daily OVR Q & A section.
  1. If you are having any other issues, please see the DailyOVR Q & A section. If your issue is still unresolved, please contact us. ( e-mail: )
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