Daily VR Q&A


Q: How many overlays can I open?

You can open up to 5 overlays. But it depends on your PC’s performance. If performance is terrible, you could try:

  • Close the overlays
  • Set lower FPS value

Q: The button mappings of controllers are not good. Can I change it?

We provided two different button mapping settings for Vive controller and MR controller.
You can change it on the desktop UI below:

Q: I don’t like the big icon/logo! Can I make it disappear?

Yes, you can hide the icon by long-pressing a button. See below:

Q: I cannot see/move my mouse pointer on some apps!

Some apps run as administrator permission. When DailyVR doesn’t run as the same permission, it cannot access to those apps.
You have to check “Run this program as an administrator” on DailyVRLauncher.exe Properties.

Q: My Firefox screen is blank!

You have two options:
1. You have to disable the hardware acceleration of Firefox. See below:

2. Use CustomApp instead

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 Q: Which VR game platforms does Daily VR support?

A: Currenly only available on Steam, Daily VR can be used with any SteamVR game.

Q: Which browsers does Daily VR support?

A: Currently, only Chrome and Firefox are supported.  We do not support the portable versions at this time.

Q: Which VR devices are currently supported?

A: Only the Vive and Vive Pro are currenlty supported.  Although they may work, the Oculus and Windows Mixed Reality devices have not been fully tested so they may not be fully functional.

Q: Which Mobile platforms are supported by the Daily VR Mobile Notifications?

A: Currently, only Andriod is supported.  You can download the App from Google Play.  We are planning iOS support.


Operation problems

Q: Why is there lag when opening Daily VR in SteamVR Home?

A: Daily VR opens windows to link with the programs on the desktop during games, so there will be some basic load times. We have tested most games and made optimizations where possible.  However, SteamVR Home has a significantly high GPU load:  when Daily VR runs  with SteamVR Home, lower-end graphics cards may experience issues.

Solution: When running SteamVR Home, you can temporarily hide all windows in Daily VR and then open them again when the game starts. Or, if you are not interested in using SteamVR Home, you can turn off the auto launch feature of SteamVR home in the Settings section.

*You can turn off SteamVR Home by clicking “SteamVR → Setting → Application → SteamVR Home”

Q: Issues with ‘input mode’…

A: Currently,  Daily VR uses the built-in SteamVR Keyboard.  Unfortunately, there are many operational limitations with the built-in VR Keyboard and it overlaps with Mouse Clicks in Daily VR. Therefore, the SteamVR Keyboard can disable the mouse operations of the ‘Input mode’.  A VR Keyboard without these limitations is in the works.

Q: Why are the Daily VR windows black in VR?

A: For people who have blank browser screen, we provide a workaround. Please see the video:

Or if you use chrome, you can follow the steps below.

Like many programs, Daily VR does not handle hardware acceleration in Chrome. You need to turn off hardware acceleration before opening Chrome windows.

Solution: Let Daily VR start Chrome for you (you need to close all Chrome windows and let Daily VR open them for you); or you can create a shortcut to the the links that you frequent and add “–disable-direct-composition” (without the double quotes and separated by a blank space) behind Target. This setting will turn off hardware acceleration in Chrome.

Example:  your shortcut would be

https://www.yourwebsite.com -disable-direct-composition

Q: What if I can’t find one of my windows in VR?

A: Currently, since the windows can only be seen from one side, you will not see it from the back. You can click the website icon button, on the HomeBar, to show you the position of the window. When the button is pressed, there will be an animation showing you the position of the window.  When you see the window, you can press the ‘Reset’ or ‘Look-at’ buttons on the window. If your environment is not suitable for walking to the window or if you still cannot find the window, please remove the data from the Profile settings:  press the ‘Reset Profile’ button in the Desktop menu of Daily VR.

Q: Why can’t I start Daily VR directly?

A: Daily VR is a program that works with the SteamVR Overlay on the SteamVR platform. Please start Daily VR via SteamVR. If you have already opened SteamVR before logging into Steam, we recommend that you close SteamVR, open and login to Steam, then start SteamVR.  Once Steam and SteamVR are up and running normally, then start Daily VR.


Troubleshooting Mobile connected to Server

Q:Why does Steam VR show that Daily VR is still “Running ” after I close it?

A:This is a complication created by Steam.  Steam scans for all subroutines opened by the software and requires them all to be terminated before it allows the software to close.  We are searching for a better solution to this issue.

At the moment, when exiting Daily VR, it will ask if you’d like to close all Browsers.  If you skip this step, SteamVR will see the browsers and determine that Daily VR is still running.  Two possible solutions that you can try are:

  1. Shut down all Browsers, including their background processes.
  2. Close SteamVR and Steam.  You may keep your Browser windows open this way.

Q:Why can’t I find my computer IP using the Android Mobile application?
A: Make sure that your computer and your phone are on the same Local Area Network, or LAN, and verify that ‘dailyvrnodeserver.exe’ is allowed through your Firewall.

For Windows Defender, you can set the permissions in “Control Panel → System and Security → Windows Defender Firewall → Allow a Program through Windows Firewall”.

Once set, use your phone to try searching again.


Error messages

Q: “Steam VR overlay count exceeds limit. please close other apps and try again later.”
A:This error means that you have too many OpenVR Overlay windows up.  There are limits to how many windows may be shown in the Overlay.  You may have too many other apps placing windows or you may have too many Daily VR windows open.

Solution: close unnecessary OpenVR Overlay windows from other apps or reduce the number of windows open in Daily VR.

Q: Launch app timeout. please try again later.
A:Daily VR is trying to connect to the shortcut that you specified with your browser: check your internet connection or that your Browser started properly.

Q: Steam Error: Application load error V:0000065432
A:You need to restart DailyVR.

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