Daily VR Q&A

—— Introduction —–

Q: Which VR game platforms do Daily VR support?

A: Currently only available on Steam, and it can be used with all VR games on Steam.

Q: Which Browser do Daily VR support?

A: Currently only available on Chrome and Firefox, but portable version is not supported.

Q: Which VR devices do Daily VR support?

A: Currently, it mainly supports Vive and Vive Pro. Oculus Rift and Window Mixed Reality have not been fully tested, so they may not be fully functional.

Q: Which Mobile platforms are supported with Daily VR Mobile Notification?

A: Currently, it only supports Android and you can download the App from Google Play. We are planning for the iOS version.


—– Operation problem —–

Q: Why is there lag when opening Daily VR in Steam VR Home?

A: Daily VR opens windows to link with the program on the desktop during the games, so there will be some basic load. We have tested most of the games and made some optimization. However, Steam Home utilizes a relatively high GPU, when Daily VR runs simultaneously with Steam Home, there will be a significant deficiency on lower-spec graphics cards.

Solution: When running Steam VR Home, you can temporarily hide all the windows in Daily VR and open them again when the game starts. Or, if you are not used to using Steam VR Home, you can turn off the automatic launch of Steam VR home in the setting section.

*You can turn off Steam Home by clicking “Steam VR → Setting → Application → Steam VR Home”

Q: The operation of the Input mode can not be fluently functioned.

A: Currently,  Daily VR uses built-in VR Keyboard in Steam. There are many operational limitations with built-in VR Keyboard and overlaps with the Mouse Click of Daily VR. Therefore, built-in VR Keyboard will disable the mouse operation of the Input mode. We are now planning to create a new keyboard which will support more input methods.

Q: Why do the windows in VR are black?

A: The main reason is that Daily VR are not able to handle the hardware acceleration of Chrome at the moment. You should turn off some hardware acceleration before opening Chrome windows.

Solution: Let Daily VR start Chrome for you (you need to close all Chrome windows and Daily VR open them for you); or you can go to the links you frequently open → right-click content → Shortcut → add  “–disable-direct-composition” (without the double quotes and separated by a blank space) behind Target. This setting can turn off the function of Direct composition.

Q: What if I move the windows in VR to a place I can’t find?

A: Since the windows currently can only view on one side, you will not see it from the back. You can try to click the icon button of the websites on HomeBar to remind you of the position of the windows. When the button is pressed, there will be animation to tell you the position of the windows. When you see the windows, you can press the reset button or the Look-at button on the windows. If your environment is not suitable for walking or if you can not find the windows, please remove the data of Profile setting.

*Please press the Reset profile button in Daily VR on Windows desktop to remove Profile setting.

Q: Why can’t I start Daily VR directly?

A: Daily VR is the program on Steam platform. Please start Daily VR via Steam. If you have already opened Steam VR before logining Steam, we recommend you to close Stream VR first and open in again with Steam to ensure fluentness.


—– Troubleshooting Mobile connected to Server —–

Q: Why does Steam (Steam VR) show “Running ” after I close Daily VR?

A: This is a limitation of Steam. Steam will scan all other subroutines opened by the software and required all of them to shut down before the software close. We are now searching for a better solution to this problem. Therefore, when using the switch of Daily VR, it will first ask you if you would like to close all Browsers. If you skip the step, you may not be able to close Browser entirely and Steam VR will determine that Daily VR is still in process. Below are two solutions:

  1. Shut down all Browsers including all the background process of the browser.
  2. Close Steam VR and Steam (you may keep all Browsers in this way)

Q: Why can’t I find my computer IP in Mobile?

A: Make sure your computer and your phone are in the same Local Area Network (LAN) and verify if dailyvrnodeserver.exe is it as an allowable program. Then, search it by your phone again.

*You can set the allowable program in “Control Panel → System and Security → Windows Defender Firewall → Allow a program through Windows Firewalls”


—– Error message —–

Q: “Steam VR overlay count exceed limit. please close other app and try again later.”

A: When this Error pop up, it means you may open too many Open VR overlay software which is similar to Daily VR. The main reason is that there are limitations to the number of windows that show in VR. Therefore, if there are too many similar softwares, it will affect the number of window that Daily VR can open.

Solution: Shut down unnecessary Open VR overlay softwares, or reduce the number of windows that Daily VR opens.

Q: Launch app timeout. please try again later.

A: Currently, Daily VR will open Browser and specify the name of the link. Please check whether the Internet is connected, and whether the Browser start successfully and open the corresponding websites.

Q: Steam Error: Application load error V:0000065432

A: You only need to reload your Daily VR again to solve the problem.

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