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When you are immersing yourself in the world of VR game, you hear a message notification but you are too reluctant to stop. What should you do?

DailyVR makes your VR world closer to reality. It enables you to check your messages even with VR headsets on. You no longer have to be interrupted, taking off the device to catch your calls. By opening multiple windows with your device, you may see your messages in time.

DailyVR only supports STEAMVR and HTC Vive currently. Oculus and Windows Mixed Reality will be supported in the near future.



  • Multiple overlays
  • Built-in popular websites (with native Chrome/Firefox browser)
  • Mobile phone notification (Android)
    • Phone calling notification
    • SMS
    • WhatsApp
    • LINE
  • Different overlay modes (Do Not Disturb, Interaction, Adjustment)
  • Position, scale, transparent adjustment and persistent states
  • Interaction with controllers and virtual keyboard
  • Overlay arrangement (Look At Me)


Download DailyVR mobile app : %URL%


  • More intuitive way to interact
    • Better virtual keyboard
    • Voice input
    • Gesture
  • DailyVR SDK
  • Customized App overlay
  • Remote sharing overlay
  • Dedicated DailyVR VR app
  • Physical keyboard/mouse detection and display
  • Oculus Rift support
  • Oculus Dash support
  • Windows Mixed Reality support


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