You are immersed in your VR game and you hear a message notification but you are too immersed to stop.  What should you do?

Daily OVR brings your VR World closer to reality.  It enables you to check your messages even while wearing your VR headset.  You no longer have to be interrupted by taking your hmd off to catch your calls.  By opening mulitple windows, you can see your messages in real time!


  • The most user-friendly OVR UI.
  • Mirror your favorite Windows applications into VR game.
  • Mirror the desktop or monitors.
  • Support up to 5 multiple overlays.
  • QuickSwitch let you quickly switch among programs.
  • Save the frequently used settings to “My Favorites.”
  • Adjust the size, transparency, and placement of overlays and keep your settings for next time with user-friendly Interface and amazing experience.
  • Easily launch the virtual keyboard on the overlay toolbar.
  • Mode change on the overlay toolbar.
  • Overlay FPS adjustment on the overlay toolbar.
  • Bind the overlay to different controllers or the HMD.
  • Support Oculus & Windows MR (through SteamVR)
  • Different controller button setting for Vive & Windows MR
  • Show/Hide Daily OVR icon
  • VR Phone Notification Pop-up.
    Daily OVR allows you to bring your Android phone notification into the VR view; you won’t miss important messages anymore.
    – Phone calling notification
    – SMS
    – WhatsApp
    – LINE

Scan the QR code below to download the Daily OVR app:


Scan it to get Daily OVR mobile App

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